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YouTubers Balk at Canon EOS RP Video Capabilities

With the full production model of the Canon EOS RP available to the public, many YouTubers have published their reactions and commentary regarding its lackluster capabilities in the video department. Complains include and are not limited to the following:

  • No Dual Pixel AF in 4K
  • Complete lack of 1080p 24 FPS video
  • Complete lack of 30 FPS in 4K video
  • 1080p unavailable in APS-C mode
  • No log gamma available

We find the less severe 1.6x crop compared to the EOS R in 4K to be a blessing. Being in the PAL region, we’re lucky that 25 FPS is available for in full-frame 1080p and APS-C 4K. Considering its cost paired with APS-C glass, it’s a suitable vlogging camera for PAL 1080p shooters, although we consider the lack of log gamma to be a severe handicap.

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